To ensure that all the Fire Protection Equipment’s and systems are in fine working condition, in the event of fire, there shall be no compromise in the quality of installation and maintenance. Our corporate mission is to provide a solution for your Safety, Security and Fire to comfort at any residential, commercial & industrials sectors.

Before embarking on a detailed design, it is highly recommended as a minimum to consult the following agencies so as to ensure that the fire detection and alarm system meets the requirements of all concerned including:

fire detection
  1. The authority responsible for enforcing health and safety legislation,
  2. The property insurer
  3. The building user (where appropriate)
  4. The proposed installer, and
  5. Fire engineering specialists (where appropriate)

A fire alarm system should be designed to provide early detection and warning of a fire. The designer must consider the size, complexity and use of the building, and the degree of detection and warning desired. While the design of fire alarm systems is normally regulated by building codes, the level of protection specified is usually a minimum and the designer should consider providing higher levels of protection where circumstances indicate the need. Before looking at the details of the alarm system, it is necessary to understand some of the concepts that are used to assist the system designer. Buildings are divided up into sections in three ways as far as fire safety engineering is concerned: fire compartments, detection zones and alarm zones.