A wide range of industrial & commercial projects has been completed by Reliant. We are authorized to conduct Fire safety plan for different industries like power generation company, LPG plant, MES, LNG plant etc. and other medium industries like RMG sector, Spinning mills, Ceramic industries, Commercial building like Hospital, Market etc. Many commercial building fire safety Plan have been done by us.

Fire Safety Plan is a combination of group of documents to make building safe and secure. Documents are:

  • Single Line Diagram (SLD)
  • Electrical Lay out Design (ELD)
  • Lightening Protection System Design (LPS)
  • Fire Protection System Design (FPS)
  • Fire Detection System Design (FDS)
  • Fire Separation System Design
  • Fire Management Booklet
  • Master Layout Plan
  • Insulation test Report
  • Earthing Test Report

A proper fire safety plan is required for safe working environment. So conduct Fire safety plan of your building. Be Safe, Stay Safe.