We provide Fire Rated Door UL/FM certified & we also made fire rated door locally in our in manufacturing plant hose are non certified. A fire-rated door is a door designed to resist the spread of fire and smoke for a certain period. It is made of fire-resistant materials and equipped with fire-rated hardware to provide a barrier against flames. Fire-rated doors are usually required by building codes in certain areas of a building, such as stairwells, corridors, and mechanical rooms. They come in various ratings, with the most common ones being 45-minute, 60-minute, 90-minute, 120-minute, 180-minute ratings. Regular maintenance and inspection of fire-rated doors are crucial to ensure their effectiveness in case of a fire.

Fire-rated damper services are essential for creating a safe and compliant building environment. These services go beyond mere regulatory compliance; they contribute to the overall safety, structural integrity, and functionality of a structure. By ensuring that fire-rated dampers are correctly installed, inspected, and maintained, these services play a vital role in mitigating the devastating impacts of fires and enhancing the overall security of both people and properties.