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lightning protection system installation service


A trusted lightning protection system installation service is important if you want to keep your property safe from the damage that lightning can cause. At Reliant EST, we offer top-notch lightning protection options that are made to fit your needs.


To figure out the best way to put your products, our skilled technicians do a full inspection of your property. We carefully place lightning rods, wires, and grounding systems so that lightning’s energy flows harmlessly into the ground and doesn’t hurt your buildings or equipment.


If you choose our lightning protection system installation service, you’re investing in the safety and life of your home. Our careful method and dedication to excellence will protect your assets from lightning-related dangers. Don’t leave your property open to damage; let Reliant EST put in a strong lightning protection system that will give you peace of mind and safety during storms.


Types of Lightning Protection System?


Conventional LPS system:


A lightning conductor is another name for a conventional lightning rod, also called a spike arrestor. In reality, it’s a metal rod or wire that is usually attached to the top of a building. Then, an electrical wire is used to connect it to the ground. It could also use copper strips for grounding, though. In case of a lightning hit, the rod will protect the building. According to the rules of physics, lightning will not strike the building itself. Instead, it will hit the lightning protection rod and be safely sent to the ground by the wire or copper strips. A typical LPS system includes:


  • Air Termination Network.
  • Down Conductors.





  • Earthing system. 


System for digital LPS: 


The digital LPS system from EMS Engineering Technology is the most cutting-edge LPS (Lightning Protection System) technology they offer. It covers a lot of ground and is more accurate at picking up electrical hits. It also lowers the chance of damage or harm happening in the area it covers. It has an airport building that covers a large area, which makes it too cheap. Because it only needs two down conductors to make the loop full. Plus, it’s really simple to keep up. 



A huge amount of energy is released when lightning strikes. Tests have shown that it can reach over 200,000 amps, which is enough to light half a million 100-watt bulbs. Lightning is a very real cause of damage and destruction, even though it only lasts for a very short time.


An external lightning protection system’s job is to catch a lightning hit, safely conduct it to earth, and spread it out. The foundation of such a building, its electronics, and the people who work around or inside it are all at risk.


Designing and installing lightning protection systems (LPS) is something we’ve done for a long time. We can do the best setups possible thanks to Grounding Systems. With the best price and the best customer service.


Features of The Service:


  • Risk Assessment for Free
  • Quick turn around
  • Prices that compete
  • Following the rules that apply
  • Services delivered all over the country


We will give you a detailed report on what you need to do to protect your house and electrical systems from lightning. So you should be able to see how important the look we send is. The report will spell out the safe ways we’ll work to put the plan into action. Because our prices are so low, it will be hard for you to find a better lightning safety solution.




Putting in a lightning protection system is a must for protecting buildings and equipment that could be struck by lightning. Lightning rods or conductors are placed carefully on buildings as part of this process. Grounding systems are also used to send the electricity from lightning strikes into the ground safely. Lightning strikes can cause damage to property, fires, and electrical surges. A lightning protection system that has been properly installed is meant to keep you safe from these problems.


People who own land or run businesses can reduce the risks of lightning and make their spaces safer by installing lightning protection systems. Professional installation makes sure that these systems are built and set up according to industry standards. This gives you peace of mind during storms and other bad weather.


Lightning protection system maintenance is very important to make sure that these systems keep working well to keep people safe from the damage that lightning hits can cause. Regular maintenance checks all parts, like lightning rods, wires, and grounding systems, to make sure they are in good shape. This includes inspecting, testing, and maintaining the system. To keep the system’s dependability, any signs of damage or wear are fixed right away. To keep buildings and equipment from getting damaged, surge protectors and grounding parts must be tested and maintained regularly. Property owners can be sure that their assets will always be safe and secure, even when the weather is bad if they pay for regular repairs on their lightning protection systems.