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Reliant Energy & Safety Technology Ltd. Is one of the Best Fire Safety Company in Bangladesh. They specialize in Fire Safety Consultancy, supply, design and installation as well as maintenance of a full range of fire protection systems, electrical systems, MEP engineering, building automation, security systems, industrial pumps and safety equipment and are committed to providing the most comprehensive. and reliable firefighting equipment, power, HVAC and security systems to protect and protect life and property.

Our customers are assured of the best from design, and manufacturing to delivery, installation, and service. Our team members/engineers are professionals and skilled technicians are well-experienced in interpreting specifications and requirements of enforcement authorities.

With the understanding of those requirements our engineers and technicians with support installation as well as provide product training and efficient maintenance to ensure optimum performance of the systems.


Engr. Md. Asaduzzaman

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ABOUT Reliant Energy & Safety Technology Ltd

Security & Fire Fighting Industry


To empower customer to secure life, environment, properly & business by delivering high quality & innovate protection solution & knowledge..


We are able to supply full range of mechanical, electrical, fire fighting equipment at the most competitive prices.

3. Experienced Consultants

There are many fire safety experts in our network, and they all have knowledge in different areas of fire safety. This helps us make sure that you are matched with the person whose skills and knowledge are best suited to your needs.


We have proven track record of execution of all types of industrial commercial and specialized projects completing over 100 projects..


Reliant Energy and Safety Technology is one of the Best fire safety company in Bangladesh. They offer MEP, fire detection and protection, building management, integrated surveillance and any security system solution.

6. Our Approach

Our method would be made to fit the specific needs and situations of your organization. This could mean consulting with others, working with outside groups, inspecting real property, or writing up papers.


About Our Services

Our customers are assured of the best from design, manufacturing to delivery, installation and service.
Design & Drawing

Design & Drawing


Fire Safety Plan

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm & Detection System

Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler

Fire Pumps

Fire Pumps

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Foam Suppression System

Gas Suppression

Gas Suppression System

Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection


Fire Barrier

Fire Rated Damper

Fire Rated Damper

Fire Rated Damper

Fire & Smoke Curtain

Fire Rated Door

Fire Rated Door & Shutter


Sub-Station & Generator





Access Control System

Access Control System

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Public Address System

Lightning Protection System

Lightning Protection System


Industrial Pump

Solar System

Solar System

Fire Safety Consultant

Fire safety is the most important thing in Bangladesh, which is full of life and is growing quickly. As more people move into cities and factories are built, it’s more important than ever to be careful about fire safety and be ready for emergencies. In Bangladesh, there is a dedicated worker called a Fire Safety Consultant who is very important for keeping people and property safe.

This introduction takes us on a journey into the world of Fire Safety Consultants in Bangladesh. We’ll look at their important jobs, the skills they use, and the important things they do to make sure that rules are followed, fire risks are reduced, and everyone is ready for an emergency. Come with us as we talk about what these consultants mean in the context of Bangladesh’s changing safety environment.

Fire Safety Tips For Manufacturing Plants

Fire Risk Assessment

The main job of a Fire Safety Consultant is to do thorough studies of the risk of fire. This means finding possible fire risks, judging how dangerous they are, and figuring out how likely it is that a fire will happen.

Consultants make a full risk profile by looking at many things, such as the building’s form, the materials it’s made of, how many people are living in it, and what safety systems are already in place.

Compliance with Regulations

Rules and laws about fire safety can be hard to understand and change depending on the business and location. A Fire Safety Consultant knows these rules inside and out and makes sure that places and businesses follow them. They are very important for getting the licenses and permits you need to properly do business.

Fire Safety Training

Fire safety depends on people knowing how to stay safe around fires. Consultants often teach building occupants and staff how to avoid fires, put out fires, and use fire extinguishers and other safety gear correctly.

Customized Fire Safety Solutions

When it comes to fire safety, there is no one size that fits all. An adviser makes solutions that work in specific situations by looking at the risks and needs of each one. This could mean suggesting fire suppression devices, materials that won’t catch fire, evacuation plans, or training programs.

Emergency Planning

Getting ready for fire situations is important to keep damage to a minimum. Fire Safety Consultants make detailed escape plans that include how to get out of the building, where to meet, how to communicate, and how to use fire safety gear. These plans are very important for making sure that people can safely leave a building in case of a fire.

Continuous Improvement

The process of fire safety never ends. Consultants check and review safety measures on a daily basis to make sure they are still effective and up to date. They also suggest ways to make things better when things change or when new tools come out.


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