Automatic fire rated rolling shutter Installation

Automatic fire rated rolling shutter Installation

Welcome to the world of cutting-edge security solutions, where safety and style come together! Protecting your stuff as much as possible is very important in today’s quickly changing world. Welcome to the world of Automatic Fire-Rated Rolling Shutter Installation, a brand-new system that will protect your things like never before. These unique rolling shutters are not only a defense against thieves, but they are also built to withstand the damage of fire. They provide a complete defense for your business or home. This is an introduction to Automatic Fire Rated Rolling Shutter Installation. We’ll talk about its main features, benefits, and the peace of mind it gives you in a world that seems to be getting less stable. Find out how this cutting-edge technology is changing the rules for fire and security.

What are fire shutters?

A fire shutter is made in the same way as a regular roller shutter. Several changes have been made to the design, though, to make sure that the fire shutter’s integrity is not affected in case of a fire. In the case of a fire, a fire shutter can either fully “open” and be used as an emergency exit, or it can “close” and keep the fire inside.

Because of the server pressures that happen during a fire, a fire shutter is made to spread and keep working as it should. A manufacturer is required by law to have a sample tested by an informed body to make sure that the expansion happens and the fire shutter stays intact. The Construction Product Regulations 2013 indicate that this has to be done.

When the fire alarm goes off or a heat or smoke monitor is triggered nearby, the fire roller shutters can open. The type of activation that is needed must be taken into account in the company’s risk estimates. But you can talk about the different choices; just get in touch with a member of our friendly sales team.

How does a fire shutter work?

A fire screen is only meant to be used when there is a fire. Because of this, they are usually kept in plain sight inside a building and will only work when they are needed. There are various kinds of fire doors that can be used for various purposes. When the fire alarm system sends a volt-free signal to a normal fire shutter, it will open. The door will either “open” or “close” as planned once it is set off. This type of inline fire shutter can also be used in more industrial settings. It can be set off by an alarm system or by the auto-solenoid release device, which would cause a controlled descent due to gravity.

There is also a control box that can be added to a fire shutter. This can be programmed to do things like a controlled descent, two-stage closing, or only turning on when a nearby heat detector is triggered. Depending on the control panel, they may also be able to give an audible and visual warning to let people nearby know that the fire shutter is running. Visit our blog post on how fire doors work for a more in-depth look at how they work.

Fire Rated Roller Shutter Installation

Fire-rated roller shutters can keep out fires for one to two hours, giving you and your workers time to get out of the building safely and call the fire department.

When it comes to fire safety and prevention, there is no risk that is worth taking. Access Innovations can keep your doors in good shape by customizing fire-rated roller shutter repair packages for you.

We can also put up roller screens and industrial doors for you.

Fire Rated Roller Shutter Repairs

It is very important that you fix any problems with your fire doors right away, even if the problems are small. Our extremely skilled engineers will work very hard to get your fire-rated doors working properly again, so your building will be safe in case of a fire.

We are a full-service, low-cost company based in the West Midlands that can keep your building safe. We work to keep all fire shutters running smoothly, no matter what brand or model they are.

learn more about the maintenance and repair services we offer, contact our team today.

Types of fire shutters

Fire doors are an important safety feature that helps keep fires contained and out, which protects people and property. There are different kinds, and each one is made for a different purpose. Most fire doors are one of these types:

  • Fire-Rated Rolling Shutters: You may have seen these type of fire shutters before. They are called fire-rated rolling shutters. They are made of metal bars or curtains that fit together and can be rolled up and down. They are usually stored in a coil above the opening. If there is a fire, they naturally go down to contain it and stop it from spreading.
  • Fire-Rated Sliding Shutters: Sliding doors that are fire-rated don’t roll up and down; instead, they slide horizontally to cover a hole. They’re often used in places where there isn’t much vertical room or where looks are important.
  • Fire-Rated Counter Shutters: You can find these small shutters in a lot of business places, like kitchens and snack stands. They are put up at booths or service windows and can be rolled down when needed to protect against fire.
  • Fire-Rated Insulated Shutters: These shutters not only cover your windows in case of fire, but they also keep the temperature inside places like warehouses, cold storage facilities, and business kitchens.
  • Fire-Rated Windows and Glazing Systems: These aren’t really shutters, but they are fire-rated glass and glazing systems that are meant to stop fires from spreading. They are often found in doors and windows that can withstand fire.
  • Fire Curtains: Fire curtains are bendable barriers that won’t catch fire and can be put up over holes. When a fire alarm goes off, they rise vertically and form a wall to keep flames and smoke inside.
  • Smoke Curtains: These aren’t exactly fire doors, but they do work with fire safety systems. They are used to stop the spread of smoke, which makes it safer to leave and lessens the damage from fires.
  • Overhead Coiling Fire Doors: These work like rolling shutters, but they’re made for bigger spaces like those in warehouses and factories.
  • Fire-Rated Garage Doors: As the name suggests, fire-rated garage doors are made to fit garage openings in homes and businesses, keeping the space safe from fire.

Whether you choose a fire shutter or curtain depends on the type of building, its size, and your unique fire safety needs. Installing and maintaining these systems correctly is very important to make sure they work well in case of a fire, protecting people and property.


Finally, putting up Automatic Fire-Rated Rolling Shutters is a great example of how safe and secure things have become in recent years. With their seamless merging, these innovative shutters not only keep out thieves, but they also protect against fires, which can be very dangerous. As the very last line of defense, they give you peace of mind by keeping your valuables and, more importantly, your lives safe. It is a proactive move toward a better and more secure future to use this technology.

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